For the homeowner who is looking to make a big change on a small budget, a new bathroom wall mirror is just what the doctor ordered. Many bathrooms come ready-made with a large mirror hung above the vanity. While this mirror does enhance the overall illusion of space, it doesn’t do much in lieu of style.

Removing and replacing the existing bathroom mirror gold geometric mirror is an easy way to bring interest and contemporary design to the space. Bathroom mirrors can actually be any mirror – meaning that it isn’t necessary to go “bathroom mirror” shopping because virtually any mirror can be a bathroom mirror. The important thing for a homeowner to decide is whether they want theirs to be a focal point, or if they’d rather it blend into the background.

When choosing a bathroom wall mirror, do-it-yourselfers should take into account the size and placement of their existing vanity. While it isn’t mandatory that the vanity be larger than the bathroom wall mirror, it is the standard rule-of-thumb in the design world.

As previously mentioned, choosing a framed or frame-less mirror is also an important consideration. Frame-less bathroom wall mirrors are more contemporary as they appear to float on the wall and have no ornamentation or embellishments. There are many size and shape options from sleek and rectangular to geometrically intricate. For the framed style mirrors, the options are endless. For a modern bathroom, choose sleek, non-ornate frames. For a traditional or Victorian look, choose an ornate frame in wood or gold-tones.

Bathroom wall mirrors can change the look, feel and style of the bathroom space without drastically changing the balance of a homeowner’s bank account. Whether the purpose is to create a focal point, or to update an outdated space, replacing the existing mirror is a quick and easy way to bring a bathroom from boring to beautiful.


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