Wondering about what an led tv is? Well, it isn’t all that different than the televisions you are used to already. LED TVs are actually LCD televisions. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. The LCD is what creates the picture on your television screen. LED stands for light-emitting diode. So, an LED LCD TV is basically just your traditional LCD TV with a different type of light behind your screen. The traditional LCD TVs had CCFL lighting in the background. CCFL stands for cold cathode fluorescent lamp. LED and CCFL TVs are the same except for how the light is created behind your screen. The picture itself is pub tv subscription created the same way.

So, the picture on your screen with an LED and a CCFL television is the same. So, now that you know what LED TVs really are, you might be wondering exactly what is so great about what is led tv and why you would want one if they are just LCD TVs? Well, there are a couple of big reasons. The first is that LED televisions are cheaper to use. You can save up to 30-40% on power when it comes to using an LED rather than CCFL. That is a huge savings over time.

Another common reason people prefer an LED television over the older CCFL television technology is that the LED television is thinner. An LED television can be as thin as an inch. That is one slim TV! You will not find that with a CCFL LCD television. So, LED televisions can be hung on your wall, placed on small television stands and moved rather easily. This is likely one of the biggest selling factors for the LED TVs and why they are so popular.

The last reason people like LED LCD TVs over traditional CCFL TVs is that the picture on an LED television is superior to that of the CCFL television. The picture will be clearer and the lighting better, which is a very big selling factor. It depends on what you are looking for and how much you use television if you want this type of television. So, what is led tv? Basically it is nothing more than an LCD TV with a different light behind the screen. That’s it.


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