The concept of medical billing outsourcing was initiated from the needs to get additional medical specialists to perform those secondary tasks apart from the primary medical tasks which are managed by the medical specialists from the medical institutions such as the hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes etc. Outsourcing of medical billing service has been widely implemented in the medical industry today. This trend has drawn new Cliniverse Research business opportunities for experienced medical billers who wish to setup their own business, providing medical billing services to those who required them.

Let us go through some of the key benefits of medical billing service outsourcing;

i. With the boom in world populations and extended life-span of human beings today, the number of patients seeking for medical treatments had inevitably increased. unfortunately the supply on medical workers did not increase at the same rate as its demand. Serious shortages in medical specialists such as doctors, specialists, surgeons are experienced all around the world. Despite its criticalness, this is not an issue which can be solved over-night, instead it needs to be looked into thoroughly and work out sustainable long term plans to resolve this issue gradually. For the interim, outsourcing for their required medical services might to be one of the best solution to manage this constraint now.

ii. The Medical claim process and procedure for certain types of treatments and surgeries can be pretty complex with multiple levels of approvals required before they can be proceed for claiming. With the busy and hectic schedule of the doctors and medical professionals in hospitals and private clinics, they will not have the additional bandwidth to manage the paper work and complex process required for these medical claims.

iii. Instead of jeopardizing the medical claiming process because of unavoidable negligence from the doctors or medical specialists on certain occasions when they are too tied up with their tasks in the clinics or hospitals, getting their medical billing service out-sourced is a great option as the specialized outsourcing companies will always assure that all the necessary medical claims are managed cautiously with lesser faults and mistakes, and all the necessary claims are submitted on time for real-time billing.

iv. By outsourcing the service to a specialized third-party, doctors and other medical professionals can focus completely on how to improve their medical treatments and services to their patients in more effectively. At the same time, they may even find the opportunities to further their medical knowledge and enhance their professionalism by enrolling in short medical courses and certification programs!

v. With the outsourcing, it also helps to increase the level of security with lesser possibility of frauds as the outsourcing medical billing service provider will perform the billing independently on behalf of these medical institutions with relevant and adequate audits to ensure that the billing process and details are handle with great integrity.

vi. Having close relationship with all the related insurance companies, the medical billing service providers will carry out negotiations with the Insurance companies on behalf of its “client” – the hospitals, clinics, medical centers etc. The chances of getting a better deal from these insurance companies are high because these medical billing specialists are well verse in the field of medical billing and they are capable to provide adequate and relevant information and data required by these Insurance companies.

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