Glass Curtains are panels of glass can be that placed together to form an invisible barrier against wind and water, cold temperatures and a certain noise level, yet they impose no such restrictions on natural light flow or vision.

Suitable for external use to enclose balconies or other areas that have a base and a roof to which they can be fixed, fitting the clear glass frameless panels is an ideal way to extend the essence of summer. How lovely, for example, to relax on your balcony with a book, avoiding the bitter winds of March or October.

Also referred to as frameless room dividers, these partitions are constructed of toughened clear glass with no side frames for unrivalled unobstructed views.

Before Cortinas de Cristal para Terrazas were available, it was difficult to divide an area without restricting light or vision. Fabric curtains that harboured dust and wouldn’t stay still in a draught or wooden dividers that blocked light but not draughts were the compromise, neither one delivering true visibility.

Unlike bi-folding door solutions, the glass panel system is not hinged together, therefore side frames are unnecessary for single-glazed internal installations. Rather than folding and sliding to the sides of an opening, the separate panels slide and turn individually.

There are many applications for this innovative new system of clear glass panelling. The ‘Curtains’ are suitable for a range of domestic and commercial applications from enclosures to dividers: restaurants, cafés, hotels, offices, conference meeting rooms, golf clubs, leisure centres, shopping arcades, large halls, open plan living, summer-houses, swimming pools and wet-room partitioning.

Popular in Mediterranean Europe for a number of years, Glass Curtain installations in the UK are rare but on the increase. Their future in the UK will be the production of thermally-compliant frameless double-glazed versions to replace traditional sliding patio doors.


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