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Tungsten Rings – The Toughest Name in Jewelry

Our beautiful earth yields so many raw materials that mankind can’t help but to exploit it for all that its worth; which may sound like a horrible corporate scheme to tear up the earth but it’s actually a fascinating find and I’ll tell you why. The jewelry industry has long sought a more durable material to be used for crafting men’s wedding rings.

A ring that does not scratch or bend like your wedding Rings for men grandpa’s old gold wedding band or drain the bank like platinum rings was nearly unheard of until now.

We will mine, melt, mold and nowadays will machine whatever we can into something that we can call creative, contemporary, but most importantly, custom! I mean seriously, now a days with custom cars, computers or even custom blended coffees why not have something that is truly yours. The only problem is that with all the wedding rings options available, how can one decide which fits the your active lifestyle best while at the same time saves you some scratch for that crazy hobby craft of yours. The key is finding something that can actually last as long as the vows you soon plan to take yet still look good enough to wear in a tux or even that plush t-shirt n jeans you love so much.

Thus the journey in search of the “perfect metal” churned up some quite intriguing options like Titanium, Steel or even Damascus. Damascus, what the Heck?! Somehow the idea of using a Cobalt Chrome came about too. Typically known as a very cheap metal commonly used for making cutting tools, Cobalt Chrome recently emerged as quite an impressive idea unfortunately an idea is all that it’ll ever be since Cobalt Chrome is still scratchable.

What did we find you ask??

All of these potential options failed to resolve the ugliest issue related to jewelry..SCRATCHING! So within the science of a little known element is the answer to your grandpa’s regret.. And it’s called Tungsten! That’s right, Tungsten! Historically known as just element 74 on the period table, its impact on humans as we know it will be repositioned from the heaviest element known to man to the toughest wedding ring known to man.

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