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Top 6 Snazzy Accessories for Your New Bike

A great range of accessories is available for regular bicycles and mountain bikes. Some add convenience and comfort, like radios and map cases, while others add utility to a bicycle, like trailer child seats and bicycle dog leashes. These are a few of many, and there’s sure to be something to enhance each individual bike rider’s riding experience.

AM/FM Radio

A radio that attaches to your bike frame is a handy little gadget that keeps you in tunes or makes sure that you don’t miss any sports coverage. Some bike radios come with rechargeable built in lithium batteries in addition to wind up charging ability. You might find your radio even doubles as a headlight. Having a dedicated radio is a safer option than using headphones with a personal music player, as one should still be able to hear surrounding traffic strap

Heart Rate Chest Strap and Monitor

Riding bikes is a great leisure activity. For those wanting a serious working without having to go to the gym, heart rate monitors allow the individual to measure and monitor their heartbeat. A chest strap transmits heartbeat data to a corresponding monitor which looks and is worn like a digital wristwatch. One can then tailor bicycle exercise to a plan, and then evaluate the workout afterwards.

Map Case

Most people that venture out in a car usually have a road map of some sort in order to avoid getting lost. Avid bicycle adventurers may want to take the same precautions. A handlebar mountable map case will help keep you on the right track, without needing you to take a backpack along for carrying your map.

Bicycle Dog Leash

This nifty little invention allows one to take the dog for a walk while staying on two wheels. The leash attaches to the back wheel. This allows the rider to keep two hands firmly on the handlebars. It also avoids the dog’s tugging on the leash that might occur on one side of the handlebars, which could cause the bicycle to dangerously change direction. A clever design keeps the dog behind the bicycle and safe from entanglement in the wheel or frame.

Trailer Child Seat

Why leave the young kids at home, when you can take them with you, and take them with you in style? Standard child seats allow young ones to come along on a bike ride with a parent. Trailer child seats allow up to two small children to ride in this trailer seat, and be pulled along by a bicycle. Trailer seats have wheels, and are almost like a side car for bicycles, except that they are towed behind the bicycle. Mesh panels provide some sun protection, while maintaining ventilation.


In some jurisdictions, helmets are compulsory. Even if they are not, they are definitely a worthwhile accessory. Cyclists have less protection than other road users, so it’s worth accepting all the help one can get. Many years ago, helmets may have tended to be a little bulky. Nowadays they are very streamlined and lightweight, meaning that a rider is only minimally restricted. This is a small price to pay for safety, should one have a fall.

Bike enthusiasts and inventors are continually coming up with, and refining accessories that enhance the appeal of bicycle riding. The accessories above are quite versatile and can be used with most types of bicycles. Specialised accessories for specific types of bicycles, such as BMX bikes are also available.



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