Shining up and making profits in business is not an easy thing to do especially when there are competitors all around. Avoiding criticism and moving on is the best you can do. In this, the first and obvious step is to realize what is essential for your business. If you offer online invoicing solutions, then you need to ascertain the most essential components to include in the software as its underlying features to make it more profitable in the longer run. Here are some online invoicing solutions as the must-haves that help you save time, is economical and user friendly:-

The Product Catalog Server

The product catalog is a necessity for an e-commerce website and for the online invoicing solutions to evolve as the winner surpassing all its counterparts. But more than product catalogs have gone very far than being just a catalog storing product images and details. It is by far an online management of the inventory, checking shopping cart abandonment rates, printing labels, reporting of products sold, online invoice out of stock and those under production. The product catalog also varies as per the nature of the product. Like say if it is an apparel shopping website then the catalog should also have different size and color option and in fact a chart should be made available for more references. There should be compare pricing option, review section and share options to social media websites. It is essential to have a database driven catalog server to facilitate data changes whenever possible through secure access. This specially works when we have to update the catalog with new products or remove the non-available ones. The catalog, therefore stores data of the virtual store, of both new and existing products and works on its management and periodic updates.

Easy Customization

Easy customization is one thing offer you in perhaps one or two clicks within the software’s user interface. The custom needs of the customer on the page layout of the proposal, estimates and invoice created, custom script development to the look of the proposal page everything is based on the guidelines set by the users who will be using the product for quoting prices for their clients. The online invoicing solutions have Custom UI elements, custom client feature and custom business rules for anytime approval of estimates.

Mobile Estimate and Invoice Feasibility

Do you work on Windows 8 operating systems and Android? If your answer is a ‘Yes’ you will probably be saving time and money by implementing online invoicing solution mobile App for estimate and invoicing on the go. The online invoice solution will find a pathway right into the user’s mobile interface for anytime estimate generation and invoicing solutions. Mobile invoicing will in-turn make online invoicing solution providers populated with Android users working with the software to generate invoices, report, store files for their customers in no time.

These three must-haves in online invoicing solutions will surely make your business grow and touch the realm of success with universal access to pricing and availability of product information.


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