Many people are running their own blog or are aware that it is easy to create one and are considering doing so. A lot of them do not know how to make money from their own blog or how to get started. Here are 3 different sources of income you can use in order to make money from the internet.

Pay per click ads. These are fairly straight forward and are used on many different types of website. kompostownik z palet The benefit is that you get paid from any click on the advert that is running on your website – you do not need a converting sale after the user has done this. The payouts vary a lot but you can easily get a good revenue stream from a single blog running these ads. Google AdSense and Yahoo ads are the most common.

Affiliate banners. Affiliate programs can be excellent earners, although it is important to remember that you do not usually get paid on the number of clicks. In order to get paid, a visitor usually need to click on a banner on your website which takes them to site of the affiliate program you are promoting. The user then needs to make a purchase. You will usually receive 1-25% of the sale value. Site like Amazon and eBay are example of large affiliate programs, while there are also affiliate networks.

Contextual ads. These are automatically generated ads that change depending on what the user is currently visiting. By having an ad block on your website, it will scan the page for popular phrases and generate related ads based from them. If you user clicks one, you will usually get paid for it. It is important to understand that Google AdSense is also contextual advertising.

These are 3 examples of simple methods you can use to generate money from a blog. Although they are not the only way, each of them is simple and can be used on almost any layout and design. If you are looking to earn money online then you should consider any of the above as a starting point.

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