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Sell Your Writing Services – Three Easy Ways

Making money from your writing skills is very simple: you just need to let people know that you’re available to write for them. In my role as a writing teacher, I’ve found three easy ways for you to sell your writing services.

What kind of income can you make from your writing? Initially, it will be small, but don’t be surprised if it doubles and triples every month, as more people learn about what you do. Getting your name out is essential.

Once you’re selling your services, you life will change.

I got a huge thrill just before Christmas when a student sent me a message saying: “This is the first time ever I’ve been able to buy presents for the kids without worrying about credit card bills. We’ve also been able to help out a member of the family who needed it. It’s all been possible because my writing is now bringing in a good part-time income, which is growing every month. My husband looks more relaxed too, knowing we have extra money coming in.”

So here are three easy ways to start selling your writing services.

1. Use the Free Classifieds Sites

There are several high-traffic classifieds sites online. USFreeads is one of the most useful. They key here is to post different, fresh advertisements consistently, so you build up a presence on the site. A single ad makes no impact, but if you post consistently each week, you’ll soon get clients. Then one client turns into ten, and you have an excellent income stream.

2. Use Free Content Sites

Free content sites like Squidoo, Blogger and HubPages make it easy for you to display your writing skills online. They also make it easy for you to best essay writing service reddit get your offering in front of buyers.

As with the free classifieds sites, consistency and volume count here too. Remember that if you’re just starting out, you’re starting from zero. But every page you get online is a silent salesperson for your services which will keep on working for you for years to come.

3. Use Your Fingers: Tap out Numbers on the Phone

Every town and city has businesses. However, despite the fact that almost all their customers are online, many small businesses still don’t have a website. Or if they do, the site is small, and they want to add more content to it.


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