An extremely viable and responsive form of social media is the use of blogging, which has created excellent results for those real estate agents that understand the concept and value of blogging.


Effective Marketing Campaign in the Community

Real estate blogging is an effective marketing campaign that can increase your visibility in your community, directly connecting you with your clients (and prospective clients), provide an excellent lead generation source, and allow you to be the authority on the subject you choose to blog about. The best thing is that it can be extremely real estate social media post ideas!

What is a Real Estate Blog

A blog is an abbreviated version of weblog and is a type of website or part of a website that is, or should be, updated with new content on a consistent basis. Blogs feature diary-like commentary and are maintained by an individual with regular entries of content, descriptions of events, links to articles on other websites and other materials such as graphics, video, presentations, property details, etc. The content is usually displayed in reverse chronological order with the most recent post featured first. The person writing the blog is the blogger and the information being written into the blog are called posts.

Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. Blogs focus on a specific subject or topic, such as real estate, home staging, sports, or community events. Some are more generic, presenting links to all types of other sites, and others are more specific like personal journals, presenting the authors daily life and thoughts.

Blog Post Examples

As we said above, blogs can be displayed in many forms about thousands of topics. Below are example of the types of posts that you can write:


  • List Articles
  • Conversation Starters
  • MLS Listings
  • Community Pages


List Articles

List articles are articles that list information in an organized structure. There are many types of list articles. Some examples are below:


  • 5 Things You Should Know About Buying a Home
  • 10 Ways to Save Your Home from Foreclosure
  • The Number One Reason Why You Should Short Sale Your Home
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About House Prices


There are many ideas to write about, and it’s your job to provide useful and valuable information so that readers will want more from you. You can look at some places online like article directories such as Ezine to get ideas.

Conversation Starters

A blog can also stimulate conversation where the blog readers will have the ability to provide their feedback, give suggestions, state opinions, and have those comments appear on the site. Conversations can also be initiated indirectly outside the blog. In other articles,


  • YouTube (channels)
  • Foursquare
  • Facebook (pages)
  • Twitter (groups)
  • Comments on Posts (including your own)


People are nosey and they want to converse. If your profiles are setup correctly, they will click on your links and find your blog and hopefully contact you about buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

MLS Listings

Listings are a type of post that real estate agents should be posting every day. They are the primary reason why home buyers and sellers are visiting your blog. By posting a listing that is available on the MLS, you’re adding to the daily feed for the search engines to find. A listing can be a simple as including:


  • The property address, city, state, zip, and MLS number
  • Property details including pictures, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, home size, lot size, days on the market, and other amenities and features
  • A map pinpointing where the property is located in a given area
  • Local market data including restaurants, parks, fitness centers, tea and coffee houses, grocery stores, etc.
  • Related articles about the area


Posting a listing on your blog can generate traffic to your  real estate social media post ideas site because it is rich in keywords, but more importantly, you’re giving your visitors exactly what they want… details. If there is ever a point that you run out of ideas of what to write about, think of listings… this is your content. The possibilities are endless when you list homes as your real estate blog content.

Community Pages

Including community pages in your blog can add depth and give the search engines and opportunity to find your site by potential buyers and sellers for researching a particular area. Community pages can include:


  • What coming messages for that area
  • Recent homes for sale in that area
  • Description about the area
  • Neighborhoods within the area


Buyers know the area where they would like to live. Providing community pages with details offers useful and valuable information to your readers. Not only do your visitors appreciate it, but the search engines love it, too. Building community pages will help you gain more search engine visibility and reach more home buyers and sellers.


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