If you are a women and thinking about reading this article, please stop, drop, and roll on over to a different website. This article was not written for you. This article was written for men, and MEN only Have some respect for male privacy and leave. Feel you’re entitled to read it anyway? Though we love everything that makes you uniquely you, this time you’re not. Deal with it!

Men (only), here’s the deal: First, if there is a woman around you, ask her leave because I need your full undivided attention. Second, get ready, because Manali call girl I’m about to tell you why Online dating is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the superior gender known as The man!

If you are a women and still reading this, I hope that comment offended you. While I do not actually believe women are inferior to men, you just invaded male privacy by reading on. As such, the immature side of me feels compelled to poke you with my literary fork. Men, please read on… Women, shouldn’t you be baking or ironing something by now?

Ever since male icon David Beckham came into the lime light and made it “acceptable” for the modern man to get facials, pedicures, cry like a babies and dress in… well, dresses, the dynamics of what it means to be a MAN started to change. In 1994 the term, “metrosexual” was coined by some guy named Mark Simpson in an article he published in, The Independent. Because of that initial movement, generations of men were supposed grow, flourish, be enlightened and finally, happy! Now metrosexual men, like iphones, are everywhere.

What isn’t as popular as the glamour of being “metrosexual, ” is the tidal wave of questions that the metrosexual movement created; questions that challenged manliness and the sacred nature of what it meant to be a man! These questions were frightening! All of a sudden, men were talking about feelings and emotions in a way that we had never done before. Men were told they couldn’t be happy unless they talked, in length, about love, style, feelings, shopping, hair products etc. How do we do that as men without acting like women?! Men became complex creatures, just like women, and the end result was a human race more confused than enlightened.

I am about to enlighten you, and I hope its refreshing. No matter how much the “metrosexual” girly man has tried to infiltrate your mind with this “stuff” he believes we should do, and feel, and talk about in order to be “happy, ” stop worrying about it! NONE of that stuff matters. I promise you, the needs of a male in our lifetime pursuit of happiness can be dialed down into 3 categories. If anybody doubts this logic, I dare you to comment and tell me why. Men, you’ve heard this before, and its time to remember your roots. Men like three things, and they are all interconnected: money, sex and women. Deviate from these three things at your peril. Deviate and you’re wasting your time.

Anything and everything a man does is central to achieving these 3 components, and online dating is the only thing I can think of that satisfies, promotes and achieves these 3 things with great success!

Think about your true motivation in daily life with whatever it is you consciously do. For example, why do you buy expensive designer clothes? Is it because you enjoy looking good? Sure it is. But why does wearing expensive clothes give you enjoyment? You enjoy it because you like it when WOMEN think you look good, and because a woman thinking you look good can lead to sex! Money, sex, and women.

What are more examples of how online dating help you achieve the 3 pillars of being a man?

Example 1: Money Sex and Women: Having a quality online dating experience is FREE. Now you can be introduced to thousands of desirable women and choose which ones to best spend time with. Gone are the days of wasting hundreds of dollars on pointless first dates, which means you get to save money. Saving money in that department enables you to spend more money on buying designer clothes to look good, and going on quality dates with the best potential women you’ve already pre-screened for free! Because of online dating you get to look better, make better use of your time, and spend more money impressing the more desirable women. Women love being impressed by men, and lets face it, if they’re not left feeling impressed by your investment and strapping good looks, they’re feeling guilty. Either way, your prospect of having sex is looking good.

Example 2: Money Sex and Women: The world is full of different people with different tastes, needs, desires, fetishes and personalities. Women don’t like talking about it, but the fact of the matter is, we’re all animals. Animals are created to do two primal things, eat, and reproduce. Women, like men, not only enjoy having sex, they love it. They CRAVE it! We want it, they want it, together we want it often and will do whatever we can to get it! What better way to meet women interested in sex than on an online dating website? I am not promoting sex, I am promoting the fact that women want the same things many men do. Through online dating you can interact and connect with quality women who share your same wants and needs. It’s not dirty, this is natural. For those of you questioning or offended by my logic, think about what sex leads to. Sex leads to a relationship. Relationships lead to love, love leads to marriage, babies, and an eternal happy life. It starts with attraction, and attraction = sex.

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