How You First Got a Maytag Water Filter

Do you know how you first got a Maytag water filter?  The truth of the matter is that it probably came with your refrigerator, and you mainly use it because of its convenience.  Do you think that replacement cartridges for a Maytag water filter have been designed to be a top-notch water filtration mechanism, particularly when they come as standard equipment with most new refrigerators?  Probably not!

Here’s how Maytag sees it.  Most customers are now elated that they have purchased a new Maytag water filtration system.  However, the Maytag filter manufacturer is smiling widely because you have just become their long-term customer!  You will more than likely be purchasing these replacement cartridges for the next twenty years!

Why Water Filters are Beneficial

There are many benefits to owning  filters that many people may totally be unaware of.  You receive the same benefits no matter if you have a countertop unit or house water filters:

* Removes lead from the drinking water just prior to consumption

* When you buy a countertop model, this results in getting healthy, clean water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

* A  filter removes chlorine as well as chlorine byproducts from your drinking  water thus reducing the risk of getting colon cancer, rectal cancer and bladder cancer.

* Its is able to provide you with healthy, clean water for cooking as well as for drinking.

* Gastrointestinal diseases are reduced by over 33% by having the filter remove giardia and cryptosporidium from drinking water.

* Water filters are the last line of defense between the body and more than 2,100 toxins that may be found in drinking water.

Why Choose a Maytag Water Filter?

If you already have a Maytag water filter, no matter if it is one on the refrigerator, a countertop model or house water filters, you have made a good starting point. You should look for a water filter that utilizes a multi-stage process in addition to ion exchange as well as a activated carbon filter.  berkey vs zerowater The very best water filters on the market will remove more than 99% of all toxins.

A water purification system such as the Maytag water filter or Maytag house water filters are more than likely to be one of the most important as well as best health investments that you will ever make.  It is of prime importance that you get the water filter that is most effective and not the one that is most expensive.  Make sure that you check the manufacturer’s performance sheet to see exactly what the water filter removes.

However, the   is not able to prevent such toxic gases like methane and chloroform to enter your house.  These gases can pass through water lines.  Maytag house water filters will cost approximately $1,000.  They do, however, a blanket of protection because the house water filters are able to stop these gases before they enter your home.  Many people decide to buy Maytag house water filters because it means less frequent filter changes as these water units contain about a 300,000 gallon capacity.


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