If magic interests you and you want to practice casting spells and using positive energy to influence the universe around you, then you may want to consider how to learn magic. White magic is based on the principle that everything in the universe is connected and that your energy affects everything and everyone around you. While dark magic seeks to harness power with bad intentions, white magic uses the flow of positive energy to achieve its results. Considered by some as Witchcraft, white magic has its roots in nature, with respect to all living creatures and the environment.

Step One: To start, you should research and read all wicca store near me that you can about white magic. There are plenty of books on the subject that can be borrowed from the library or bought at a bookstore. Your best bet is to try a local metaphysical store that specializes in magical artifacts. You should read and acquaint yourself with how to use charms, magical symbols, planetary alignments, crystals and astrology. All of these have their place in the practice of white magic. The more information you gather, the better your understanding will be of how white magic works.

Step Two: Keep your energy and your intentions positive. Negative energy begets negativity. Negative intentions will create undesired results. For white magic to be successful the user must not engage in harmful spells or greedy behavior. For example, casting a spell for money or manipulating someone is not advisable, especially if you are new to the practice and don’t know what you are doing. A practitioner should also not enter into this lightly either. For many who take part in white magic, this is a way of life, a religion, and not a hobby to be dabbled in on occasion. You should make sure to take this seriously before continuing.

Step Three: Once you have read and become familiar with the items used in white magic and you feel ready to devote the necessary time and energy to this, you can begin to practice spells. You will need to gather the necessary ingredients, which can be bought at the metaphysical store. Start with a simple spell first, and move on from there. Remember to be confident and keep your energy positive. It is suggested that you keep a journal, or “Book of Shadows” in which you can record your spell and the results achieved. You can also keep notes and other performed rituals in here.

Step Four: If your involvement with white magic has evolved into a daily ritual, then you may want to consider joining a group, or coven of like-minded individuals. Your local metaphysical store could probably put you in touch with those who share your beliefs. Make sure that you are comfortable with the members and that they practice with respect and light. Once you join, you can continue to learn white magic and grow as a practitioner. As a group you can try to influence the world around you for good.

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