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Harley, My Bulldog Puppy, Ate Glass!

With Christmas just around the corner it takes me back to last year. My husband came out of the back room with a half chewed box ( that should have been a sign of things to come). In that box was the cutest bulldog puppy I had ever seen. We named him Harley to match the one we have in the garage. Actually we named him Harley because he is as wild as a Hog.

I thought I was getting a puppy, a cute little dog. I didn’t realize until I started researching all the problems that this breed could have. Don’t worry French bulldog puppies for adoption  Harley is doing amazing and everything is fine but I wanted to share my experiences in the hope that it will help you.

My husband ordered our puppy online. I wouldn’t recommend that unless you are able to see the breeders house or call references chances our your puppy came from a mill…ours did. Mill puppies deserve a good home too as do all puppies but there may be some health problems attached.

When Harley came he was sick and had diarrhea for several weeks, also diagnosed with spina bifida( a very mild case so there is no effect from it) then his eye bulged like something from the movie alien we later learned it was something called Cherry eye.

Bulldogs are very playful and our is extremely stubborn and mischievous. One day I found him chewing on glass…not being able to figure out where it came from I went on the hunt. I realized my decor lights that were on our patio table were missing! It was a small amount and our vet said he would be fine and he was. He has also eaten the Dish network wire off the house including some nails, any girl product he can find, a pair of my leather pants, pens, and most recently a Christmas Ornament. We do keep a watch on him but sometimes he evades us and next thing I know I find him chewing. If you are thinking of getting an English Bulldog puppy these are some tips you may find helpful.

1. Be careful where your puppy comes from. English Bulldogs are notorious for health issues a good breeder means less issues.
2. Get a vet that specializes in bulldogs. This point is the most important. A free check up came with Harley and that vet missed several things that could have brought great harm to our puppy in the future. To find a good bulldog vet see if there is a bulldog club in your city. They will know the best vet. Our vets office is filled with bulldogs and that gave us confidence.
2. Cherry Eye..Harley Got it and only surgery would fix it expect to pay $500 for one eye. That was on top of the $2500 he cost.
3. If you don’t have money to spend DO NOT get a bulldog Harley’s other name is “The Money Pit”
4. Research the Internet there is a ton of excellent information on their health, what to watch for and many other issues.
5. If your puppy starts limping, don’t panic ours had a loose knee they grow awkward due to breeding and he is now completely normal. Do check with your vet thought first we followed our vets advice and Harley is fine.
6. Dry nose…all of them usually get it. I bought Vaseline and sometimes neosporin…no more dry nose.
7. Keep their face clean and wrinkles dry. After I wash Harley’s face ( with a baby wipe it’s very gentle) I dry it and then use a little cornstarch to keep the area dry…works great.

These are just some of the things that I have encountered with my puppy. What made the biggest difference was finding a good vet that knew the breed. That one tip alone will save you money down the road. I love Harley and smile every time I see him because my husband gave me a dog who is actually higher maintenance than me!

My name is Lisa Cash Hanson. I’m an entrepreneur and have been a professional singer most of my life. I’ve been blessed to travel the world. I’ve overcome many obstacles in my personal life from overcoming a childhood of an abusive alcoholic father, surviving business pitfalls, and everything in between. Throughout these last twenty years of my career I have learned some valuable treasures on success, staying encouraged,and running a business. I’ve had the opportunity to perform for Chuck Schwab, Larry the Cable Guy, Roger Penske and more.


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