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Food Service Managers – Are You Interested in a Job in Food Management?

Food service managers will run the day to day operations of a restaurant or a cafeteria in order to serve meals and drinks to customers. The job of these professionals can include making sure the customers are satisfied with their meals and overseeing the ordering of inventory and other kitchen supplies and food, in addition to making sure that restuarants near me maintenance is kept up in the restaurant facility.

Food managers are also responsible for hiring and training new employees, as well as firing them, and it is essential for managers to hire good employees who can be retained for long periods of time. They may recruit employees at job fairs and contact schools of the culinary arts in order to obtain applicants for a dining establishment.

Food service management will also make sure that restaurant customers are served promptly and that any complaints they have about food quality or service is remedied. Managers will also make sure that government food safety standards are met, and they will monitor their employees in order to make sure that personal safety standards are achieved.

Food service managers have very demanding working schedules often working 12 to 15 hours a day over 60 hours a week, and their hours may be very sporadic or unpredictable. They must be flexible in order to work through scheduling emergencies and may obtain minor injuries as a result of dealing with hot equipment and sharp knives.

Most food service manager training is obtained on the job, although some more fancy dining establishments may require graduation from a four year college program in hospitality management or restaurant management. Other managers may simply obtain an associate’s degree in the culinary arts, in order to gain restaurant positions at less fancy dining establishments.

In 2006, they had about 350,000 jobs in America, with almost 50% being owners of independent restaurants or smaller food chains. Service management jobs are located around the country and can involve a wide variety of working conditions and situations. The job outlook for food management is fairly mild, with growth occurring slower than the average rate of population expansion.

In 2006, employees in the middle 50th percentile of earners made between $34,200 and $55,000. Those food management workers in fast food facilities earned the lowest rate of pay at $39,000 annually, and some managers may receive benefits and bonuses dependent on sales volume.


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