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Five Guerilla Marketing Tactics For Promoting an Internet Television Show

What is guerrilla marketing? Guerilla Marketing is the use of low-cost niche marketing tactics. The tactics are designed to be cheap and easily implemented. Some are online, some are offline, but all are readily available to implement immediately.

1.) Bandit signs! This is by far the most effective way to generate interest fast.

You can purchase bandit signs online at or you can buy poster board or corrugated board and hand write your signs. Studies have shown that handwritten signs pull better results.homeland project free tv  This is because people think you took the time to ‘personalize’ your message to them. It’s also, A LOT cheaper.

2.) Flyers- Passing out flyers around your town with information about your TV show will generate local interest in it.

3.) Contests! Hold a contest for your viewers… Offer a spot on your show in return for some kind of participation, submitting a show idea for instance.

4.) Press Releases, write a press release about your show and submit to your local newspapers and TV stations.

5.) Promotional items… pens, buttons, things people use with your show’s logo or name on them. Pens are great because of how much they ‘get passed around’.

There are a lot of guerrilla marketing tactics that can be used to promote an Internet Television show. Use all of them that you learn about. Any one item used alone will produce results, but it’s using all of them together as a system that sets apart the men from the boys.


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