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Dramatically Increase Your Followers on tiktok

Twitter is one of the most active social networks these days. You not only find common people here, even celebrities use them! And these celebrities are even vowing for the top spot or to have the most number of followers as well as the most retweeted tweets! Now just how do you get your Twitter exploding with followers? Here are a 8 cardinal tips you can try.

1. Follow! If you want to be followed, you have to follow first! This way, you will introduce your twitter to the person you’re following.

2. Send invites! You know how when you’re creating a new account and one of the first steps they tell you is to send invitations to contacts from your gmail or yahoomail account? Well, you mustn’t skip this part. Contacts who will receive your invites could add up to your number of followers!

3. Your Twitter account should be handled like your blog or زيادة متابعين تيك توك other websites. This means try to send more visitor traffic. Link your Twitter account to your Facebook or MySpace or in some other social networks, you can put your Twitter URL in the “about me” section.

4. Be updated! This means post the latest trends, breaking news, job offers and whatever is the latest trend! Do not be plain and boring.

5. Do not be cliche. People do not want to read something old and something common. So you must come up with your own tweets. But don’t post whatever crosses your mind. You need to filter them out and leave the more valuable and meaningful ones, ones that will catch people’s eyes and touch their hearts.

6. Belong. You must follow top twitters that are related to your business or blog topics so that other people who are in that circle will notice you and might follow you eventually.

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