There is no need to explain the basic features of an FTP protocol. Unlike the HTTP file protocol, FTP is often considered a more hassle free file transfer mechanism. For one thing, it supports any file size and is more stable than HTTP connections. You can also easily resume file downloads/uploads in case of lost Internet connection or other technical problems.

One of the most common questions people have is how to do a direct FTP file transfer between two servers.

It is no secret that most FTP software programs would only go so far as to allow an indirect file transfer. In other words, you will first need to download all the files to your computer using one of such FTP clients, and then upload them back onto the server of your destination.

Some programs and scripts automate this เว็บตรง process, but they will still need to use your computer’s hard drive as an intermediate step, which might definitely use up your available bandwidth and, depending on your Internet connection, take hours to complete. Clearly, this is not the most efficient way to do a file transfer.

An SSH transfer is certainly a safer and faster alternative to an FTP transfer. But not all web hosting plans and providers provide SSH access for their customers. SSH access can be restricted for security reasons as well.

If you are looking for a hassle-free direct FTP file transfer solution, your best bet is to use a web FTP transfer application. These easy-to-use applications allow one-click file transfers between FTP servers. You can transfer entire directories with only one click of a mouse.

But the best news is that you will not need to use your own Internet connection to do an FTP transfer – powerful servers and high speed / high bandwidth network connectivity will ensure that your files are moved in one swift action. You can also run your transfer in the background mode, if your Internet connection is unstable, resume and schedule your transfers as needed.


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