If you play golf fairly frequently then you are going to use your clubs quite a lot. This means that they need to be of a high quality and they also need to be comfortable to use.

Now in order to get the best performance possible from your golf clubs, you can get them custom made. No matter whether you are going to be using the clubs every now and again or extremely frequently, if they are custom made they are going to give you the best results every time.

Why Choose Custom Golf Clubs?

Are you thinking “I don’t play golf enough to need custom golf clubs”? If so then stop right there! You really do not need to play golf religiously to justify having custom made clubs. As with every hobby, you want to have the best possible equipment in order to play well. You do not want to play golf badly even if it is only a hobby. So custom made clubs can be used no matter whether you are an amateur or a professional.

If you take a look at each and every single golfer, you will soon realise that they all look different. They are a completely different build and their bodies move in different ways. So why should it make sense that they should all use the same golf clubs? It doesn’t and if a 5″4 golf player tried to use the same club as a 6″2 golf player then there would be serious problems. You will not get the same results and it can be uncomfortable to use a club that does not suit your size and shape. That is why custom made clubs do come in useful.

Getting Tricked By Brand Names

The reason so many amateur golfers are using the wrong type of club for their needs, is because they get sucked into the brand names. You see brands such as “Callaway”, “Wilson” and “TaylorMade” and you automatically think that they are the best clubs that you can get. However it simply isn’t true and whilst they may be good quality, they will not necessarily suit your size and shape or give you the results that you need.

It really isn’t always about the brand name and you need to realise that before you rush out and purchase your clubs. If you do rush in and purchase clubs that are not right for you then you could end up with a driver that is far too long for you and a grip that is just not right for you. So do not get sucked in to the brand name temptation.

The Difference between Custom Fitted and Custom Built

When you are looking for custom made golf clubs you will generally come across two terms. These are:

· Custom Fitted Clubs

· Custom Build Clubs

The two terms are completely different and it is easy to get confused between the two.

Basically custom fitted clubs are where your clubs that you have previously purchased are altered to better match your needs. So this would include bending the head of the club to make it more suited to you and your needs. However, there is a slight problem with this method in the fact that it will still not completely suit your body type. There is no denying that it will make it slightly better for you to use, but it is still not as unique to your  Vclubshop body shape as it could be.

Custom build clubs are what you really should aim for and they are designed especially for you. Proper measurements will be taken and the manufacturer will design the club from scratch to fit those measurements. So your clubs will be perfect for you and they should provide you with the best possible results. The grips on the clubs will be designed to make it easier for you to hold them. Some grips can be uncomfortable to use, so the fact that these are designed with pure comfort in mind is a great benefit to you.

When you receive your custom designed clubs you may notice a difference instantly. However, if you have been using brand name clubs previously then it may take a while to notice the real results. You will need to become accustomed to using the clubs and to get the right feel of them.

So, generally custom built clubs are definitely better than custom fitted clubs. However, if you have spent a fortune on brand name golf clubs then you may want to simply get them custom fitted. This will ensure that you do not waste as much money getting them customised and so that you know that you have not entirely wasted your money purchasing the other clubs.

The Price of Customised Clubs

Obviously customised clubs are going to be slightly more expensive than ordinary golf clubs. However, it all depends upon where you shop. As with everything, if you look around you will notice that different stores sell custom built clubs for different prices. So spend a little time researching different suppliers and you should be able to find customised clubs for a reasonable price.

It is just as easy to get custom made golf clubs if you are an amateur golfer as it is to get them if you are a professional golfer. This is because the prices really aren’t that bad. Many golf stores have purposely made their customised golf clubs more affordable because they want to appeal to a wider audience. So it is always worth enquiring about it if you can find a store near you. Even if there isn’t a store near you which offers the customised clubs, you can always find them on the internet.


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