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Choosing A College Laptop

As a former college student, and always having been frugally minded, I want to share some simple tips about how college students can save money buying laptops for school. To be competitive in today’s classroom, a laptop is essential. Figuring out where to go, whether on-line or in store, and how to get the best deal can be an overwhelming experience even for a seasoned student. The following steps break down the buying process into easy to follow guidelines for how to get the best laptop for college students and where to go:

1. Know your school’s requirements: Most colleges hp ryzen 3 5300u send out information to students regarding required laptop specifications. If you haven’t already received this information, simply call your school and ask to be sent a copy. For example, some schools do not allow Mac operating systems for classroom use. This is the type of information that is helpful to know before you make a big investment Now, when you are buying your laptop you will be armed with all the information needed to be an informed buyer. Your school may also have rebates that can help offset the cost.

2. Do your homework: Start comparing laptop prices at least three months before school starts. This will give you time to get an idea of how much laptops cost, the pricing variations between brands, and certain features that may be helpful to you in your studies. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the sales person if she knows about any upcoming back-to-school sales!

3. Check in unexpected places: Check the on-line websites not only of your favorite electronics retailers, but also online bulletin boards where people are selling used laptops. If you can find a seller that you trust, you may be able to find great deals on college laptops that are new and in good shape. Remember though, you don’t want a laptop that is more than a few years old because you want to get as much use out of it as possible.

4. Reject the “extras”: If you decide to buy your laptop at a big-box retailer, try and get a laptop that contains only the bare essentials, as you will be using it primarily for word processing and to surf the web. These features come preloaded on most PCs today, and lots of dough can be saved by refusing the up-sales of experienced store clerks.

5. Get a solid warranty: Finally, make sure you get a warranty on your laptop. If you’ve never had a laptop before, prepare for it to become your best friend! Because laptops are portable, you will find yourself moving it around from the classroom, to the coffee shop, to the dorm room and back again. With all of that traveling, you want to ensure that the manufacturer will replace your laptop if it breaks. A three-year warranty is standard in the industry. If you are buying used, ask the seller if the laptop is still covered by warranty. Happy shopping!


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