In the last few months I have scoured the internet for opportunities to make genuine money online. I have read countless reviews, forum posts, product sales pages and have seen more auto responder boxes than I care to admit.

Through all of this I have even been gullible enough to sign up for a few thinking that maybe this time I would get it right. I don’t want to be greedy, I just want  a course in miracles to be able to pay my bills and have the odd holiday. You can keep the yacht and the million pound mansion that they all seem to own. There are only so many yachts and million pound mansions in the world and it is not possible that we can all have one. Seems unfair, but unfortunately it’s true.

Also, I wanted an ethical product – I don’t want to perpetuate the scam by conning someone else so that I get the reward. Some of the opportunities seemed genuine. But the more you followed the guidelines, the less you seemed to know and the more you had to pay – hosting fees, tracking fees, auto responder fees, article fees – the list suddenly becomes no longer free but $100 – $200 per month just to keep it going. And to top it all, I’m still not sure I know what I’m doing, my AdWords campaigns are eating my money like a ravenous beast, and now I have less money to pay the bills than when I started.

Then I found Profit Lance. This isn’t an eBook or a promotion tool. Michael Andrews supplies you with an online training tool that is constantly updated. It’s not easy and you will have to work at it. And you won’t be earning $2000 at the end of your first week. But what you will get is real and absolute training on how to research, set up, promote and profit from useful, informative websites. You won’t be selling people things they do not want, nor will you be trying to get them to earn commission for you. You will be providing people with information about things that they are really interested in and making a profit to boot. Perfect!

And to cap it all, you even get 14 live sites with nothing extra to pay, really, no hosting costs, nothing. Just to get you started until you can build your own websites. If you want a quick buck and do not care about how you get it then this is not for you. But if you are prepared to work hard and follow the plan, this will be the best $77 you will ever spend. Thank you for reading.


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